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About Us

Who Are We

If you love to stay tuned on interesting stuff such as how to dress up, how to do your hairstyle and makeup, what’s popular out there, what fashionistas are talking about, that’s awesome because we’re just one of you.
We enjoy exploring fresh, cool stuff through social networks, fashion magazines, influencer websites, etc. (if it’s not for work, we don’t encourage that, LOL), take in the parts we need,define our styles and bring up
our own brand, IRISIE.


Who Do We Want to Reach

Either you’re looking for a preppy look for Fall or an athleisure set for workout, want to look sophisticated, smart at work or feminine, charming during business meetings, love to stand out with bold, vibrant colors or
take a cool urban look with simple yet modern designs, hope to look stunning on your Instagram photos and FB posts or appear pretty but do-not-steal-the-thunder on your bestie’s wedding, you’re all the gals we try to
reach, build connections and share insights regarding style and fashion.


Our Ambitions

We’re not just hunting for stylish stuff and piling them up on our website. Instead we listen closely to what girls truly expect from a dress, put down amazing ideas on style from every friend we talk to and embrace these
inspirations while we’re designing our dresses, skirts (actually it’s any stuff you can find on IRISIE). That’s correct, we design our own stuff and get them displayed, shared, loved and put on and you’ll find IRISIE can
be your one-stop online fashion destination and resolution.